Why choose us?

Surely, you must’ve come across the mind-numbing multitude of coaching centres, after-school institutions, and test preparation centres that already exist. You might wonder, “What makes Optimus any different?“.

Well, for one, we care.
How often have you been disappointed when course instructors promise you the sun and the moon during registrations, but once in class, they rush through the material, aren’t prepared to answer your questions, can hardly converse fluently in English, have speech impediments, have thick regional accents, et al.?
Having experienced the existing local and regional educational systems, we understand and empathise – which is why we created this institution.

Secondly, we’re exceptional.
Our tutor is not only qualified but wise, with an innate understanding of the intricacies of the English language.
You won’t hear thick, stressed consonants, flat pitches, the rolled ‘r’, poor use of grammar, L1 interference – so very typical of the English skills of many local, non-native tutors – at Optimus. Our Cambridge-trained tutor ensures that she serves as an excellent example not only for written English but spoken English as well.


Exceptional care. That’s our promise.

Interested? Check out our services and drop us a line via the contact form!