Want a CLB 9 on the CELPIP?

Hi there, future test-taker!

Are you baffled by the sheer lack of availability of test preparation materials for this new exam? Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what needs to be done to receive the much-coveted CLB 9 score that opens up doors of opportunities for millions of people worldwide, whether it’s to gain the right of residence or to be able to work, study, or successfully immigrate. An English language test is the only hindrance that stands in your way. Well, fear no more! I’m here to help you scale the wall!

What makes this course stand out, you ask?
Well, not only am I a highly qualified English teacher – I have a CELTA from Cambridge University in addition to a Bachelor’s degree, and various British Council certifications – but I have also been specially trained by Paragon Testing Enterprises to deliver CELPIP exam preparation courses. Currently, I am the only teacher in the Indian subcontinent with this honour. In addition to that, I am a current member of the English Language Teachers’ Association of India, which is an associate of the prestigious International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, UK.
I developed my course very carefully after much consideration regarding the needs of CELPIP test-takers. I consulted with over 48 people who took the CELPIP and asked them questions regarding the test, their concerns with the test, and what they felt they needed in order to perform well on their test. It goes without saying that there isn’t another CELPIP course in the world which is as well-prepared as mine, and you, dear student, get to benefit from all this research.

What do I get by signing up for this course?
You receive access to materials – books and documents – to help you practice your skills, and you also receive 30 banked lessons on grammar. Of course, the main part of this course consists of 23 live Skype lessons, which you can book for any time of any day – from 6AM to 11PM IST [GMT +0530]. These lessons are not group lessons, so you know that you will have your teacher’s full attention. In total, you receive 53 lessons, all for just $110!